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Gray Fallacy One - Kal Mansur
Counterpoise IV - Margie Kelk
Blue Sojourn Four - Kal Mansur
Charcoal Valence One - Kal Mansur
reference: contemporary
reference: contemporary
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Abstract Painting and Sculpture

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Margie Kelk

    Margie Kelk

    Margie Kelk - Counterpoise IV
    Counterpoise IV
    Biography : Margie Kelk's artistic practice reflects contemporary concerns about cultural history and politics. Kelk takes an exploratory and experimental approach as she appropriates and reconstructs visual fragments of ideas through diverse artistic media that includes ceramic sculpture, installation, drawing and painting, video and photography. Kelk has been exhibiting her work in Canada, the United States, and Europe since 2000. Kelk is a graduate of Wellesley College, the Johns Hopkins University (PhD.), and the Toronto School of Art degree program.
  • Kal Mansur

    Kal Mansur

    Kal Mansur - Gray Fallacy One
    Gray Fallacy One
    Kal Mansur - Charcoal Valence One
    Charcoal Valence One
    Kal Mansur - Blue Sojourn Four
    Blue Sojourn Four
    Biography : Kal Mansur is a visual artist specializing in acrylic glass construction. The optically shifting hues and dimensionality of his work represent a hybrid between painting and sculpture. Shrouded components offer blurred internal views, providing hints of an encased object. Mansur works with solid acrylic sheets of varying colors and thicknesses. These materials are sawn and shaped into a sculptural object. The object is adhered to an acrylic glass case and capped by translucent acrylic. This diffuses the internal sculpture, enabling light to reflect and refract. While analogous to light and space movements, and while recalling the pristine minimalism of Donald Judd’s constructions, Mansur’s work is unique in its use of diffusion and concealment as compositional elements. Mansur is currently represented by galleries in the United States, Canada, and Europe. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Also represented by: BoxHeart Gallery,


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