Exhibitor listing
Tupac -
The Green Family -  Moncho 1929
Untitled (Religion) -  Patrick Henry Johnson
Playing Fields: Not Level (2017) - Sharon Barnes
6foot7foot8footjump -  Moncho 1929
Blues March -  Sam Pace
Gallery 38
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Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Moncho 1929

    Moncho 1929

     Moncho 1929 - 6foot7foot8footjump
     Moncho 1929 - The Green Family
    The Green Family
    Biography : Originally born and raised in New York City, Moncho1929’s known for his iconic animal-inspired street art. The original series of works are meant to bring attention to the ongoing civil wars in Africa and the decimation of the animal population as a result. The colors used are loosely based on various African flag colors and military fatigues. The sense of urgency on the animals combined with the suspension of the colors are meant to in a sense halt time for a glimpse at a fleeting moment of fear, frustration, escape and freedom. While beautiful, they also have strong social commentary on survival, preservation and awareness. The works have slowly evolved into aggressively socio-political areas as well and speak of various issues ranging from war, poaching, and police brutality to the trappings of fame. Artist's Documents: Resume/CV  
  • Sharon Barnes

    Sharon Barnes

    Sharon Barnes - Playing Fields: Not Level (2017)
    Playing Fields: Not Level (2017)
    Artist's Documents: Bio/Statement  
  • Patrick Henry Johnson

    Patrick Henry Johnson

     Patrick Henry Johnson - Untitled (Religion)
    Untitled (Religion)
    Artist's Documents: Bio  
  • Sam Pace

    Sam Pace

     Sam Pace - Blues March
    Blues March
    Artist's Documents: N/A  


     REISIG AND TAYLOR - Cubaness
    Artist's Documents: N/A  


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Gallery 38 an ongoing project by ArtAboveReality and Bancs Media, opening it’s doors in March of 2015 embarking on the West Adams community with a goal of resurrecting the neighborhood’s past history of visual culture and add to the renaissance of art booming in the Los Angeles area. With time and paint, our vision with the help of our artists and the community we’ve been able to transform and breathe artistic creation back into a sector of the city needing resurgence.
Named in a LA Weekly article as “The Center of the burgeoning West Adams Art Scene”, Gallery 38 has done over 20 solo exhibitions, 2 global art fairs, and have invited other emerging artists to join in by offering the gallery as a part time studio and event space, thus creating a community of creativity. With a community based approach, Gallery 38 has been able to continue the tradition of presenting emerging and established artists while focusing on developing the community around them. Within the two years, the community has seen an eclectic interest in the aesthetics of the neighborhood showcasing a wide range of visual art from murals to academic exhibitions and panels in the community. The unique artists that light up the gallery and neighborhood, differ in concentration, composition and social status, but are brought together by their unifying element of mixing mediums and thought provoking imagery. Gallery 38 will continue to be a pioneer in bringing appreciation, education and artistic freedom, while displaying jaw-dropping exhibits and impermanent installations throughout the global arts community.