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Going My Way -  Joan Criscione
Two Nudes -  Joan Criscione
Night and Day -  Joan Criscione
New Love -  Joan Criscione
Can Your Do What You Want -  Joan Criscione
Easy Does It -  Joan Criscione
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  • David Banegas

    David Banegas

    Biography : David Banegas is a Bolivian born artist, specializing in action painting. He is best known for his colorful portraits of Hollywood’s historic and contemporary A-listers such as Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, and Johnny Depp. David began his artistic journey at a young age. At a mere 11 years old he had his first art gallery showing in Brazil. Self- portraits and images in their actual likeness were his main focus. At age 12, he painted a portrait of Bolivian President Hugo Banzer who awarded David the opportunity to study privately with Masaiko Fujjita, an old master art teacher from Japan. During his two year apprenticeship, David mastered paintings of landscapes, orals, and buildings using unique brush techniques. At 15, David moved to Illinois as an exchange student. There he was able to learn English from his host family and attend art classes at Macomb University. Later, David continued his studies at the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute while living in Miami, which served as a fertile training ground where he grew exponentially. David has the philosophy of giving as much as you can, and then it will be given to you. He remains dedicated to working for children’s charities around the United States and South America. He established the ‘David Banegas Foundation’ which is focused on providing children with shoes, both domestically and in his native country of Bolivia.
  • Rolando Chang Barrero

    Rolando Chang Barrero

    Biography : Rolando Chang Barrero Born 1962, Coconut Grove, Florida Currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida BFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1990. EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE A PERSON MAKES A BIG impact. Five years ago, that person arrived in Palm Beach County and his activism, leadership and energy ripple through the arts community. After he opened his studio in Boynton Beach, Rolando Chang Barrero helped to initiate the Arts District there, and then, with fellow artist Craig McInnis, started Art Synergy, exhibiting local artists along with the Palm Beach and Boca Fine Art Shows. Next, he opened his eponymous gallery on Lucerne Avenue in Lake Worth and then launched his fourth art endeavor at The Box Gallery with 4,000 square feet of exhibition space on Belvedere Road. “Cultural Creative” — Art Hive Magazine “Artistic Innovator” — The Florida Weekly “Top 10 Visual Artists in Palm Beach County” — New Times “Most Intriguing People of S. Florida Arts Scene” — South Florida Gay News “Green Trailblazer” — Sun Sentinel
  • Joan Criscione

    Joan Criscione

     Joan Criscione - Going My Way
    Going My Way
     Joan Criscione - Easy Does It
    Easy Does It
     Joan Criscione - Two Nudes
    Two Nudes
     Joan Criscione - Night and Day
    Night and Day
     Joan Criscione - New Love
    New Love
     Joan Criscione - Can Your Do What You Want
    Can Your Do What You Want
    Biography : Joan Criscione was born February 1933. She started painting in the early 1960’s. Her paintings were primarily in oils, focusing on portraits and still life. Influenced by Modigliani and the Impressionists. Her versatility spans from realistic to abstract.Joan studied with Rudolf Baranik, a well-known American artist whose work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art. She is primarily self-taught. Joan exhibited in many New York shows, including the 1963 Westchester - New Rochell show where she won 2nd place for her still life.In 1974 she brought her artistic talents to another dimension the fashion world. She was a founder in the Womens Designer Company “Criscione Designs LTD” in New York city. The company grew to international status, selling her designs world wide including her flagship boutique in Manhattan. Her designs were seen on tv. Worn by many celebrities (Mary Hart, Joan Lunden, Michele Lee, Joan Collins, Linda Evans, Diana Ross) to name a few. After retiring from her fashion business she resumed her passion for painting. She now paints acrylic abstract expressionist. Recently two of her paintings were on display at the Boca Museum’s 62nd Annual All Florida juried competition and exhibition. Joan is a member of the Women in Visual Arts inc. And the Artists Guild. Her work continues to evolve as her creativity is endless.
  • William DeBilzan

    William DeBilzan

    Biography : William DeBilzan is an artist of life and love, who creates work that is reflective of the heart. Based on thoughts and memories of real life experiences, he uses multiple mediums, from paintings and murals to sculptures. DeBilzan endeavors to find balance by creating a solid foundation of rich color and bold texture, adding layers of dimension and complexity within each composition. DeBilzan’s abstract landscapes and figurative paintings are grounded on a foundation of letters and symbols, adding to the eclectic influences of the Bay Area Expressionists. They evoke calmness and serenity, as well as an escape to a world created through the expressionist’s eyes. DeBilzan’s abstract compositions spill over into his sculptures, where brightly clothed figures in metal appear to have stepped o his canvas. The elongated abstract figures often stand against a bold background of saturated color. His use of black outline emboldens and highlights the bright primary and secondary palette of his shadow-less world. The abstract figurative elements convey the simplicity of life while the posture, slight tilt of a head and arrangement of an arm elicits deep emotional reflection. His faceless figures with obscure origin take on a personality of their own through stance and gesture. They invite observers to step into the paintings and become part of DeBilzan’s story.
  • Salvatore Principe

    Salvatore Principe

    Biography : Principe’s career as an artist wasn’t born from this lofty proclamation. It would take ten years as a working artist and a life-shattering tragedy before Salvatore found and accepted his soul’s desire, “to paint the world with love.” Yet, Principe has always been a passionate zealot with an impossibly idealistic view of how the world should be. Born in New York City in 1959, Salvatore Principe was raised in midtown Manhattan in a larger-than-life Italian family. Big brother to two ery sisters and doted on by a loving mother and protective father, the son of Adam and Anita Principe was bent on blazing his own trail even in adolescence. A natural athlete but never an academic, Principe’s early accomplishments were usually physical feats. Even his own parents thought he might find success as a professional soccer or tennis player. But fate had another plan and unpredictability would become a familiar team in the life of the unlikely artist.


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