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The Great Escape - Max Zorn
Thorn - Max Zorn
Empire of Glass - Max Zorn
Stick Together Gallery
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  • Max Zorn

    Max Zorn

    Max Zorn - The Great Escape
    The Great Escape
    Max Zorn - Empire of Glass
    Empire of Glass
    Max Zorn - Thorn
    Exhibition : Max Zorn Exhibitions (selected list)

    2016 selected exhibition list:
    - Max Zorn with Stick Together Gallery at Moniker, Frieze, London, UK
    - Max Zorn solo show with m|u|c|a Gallery, Munich, DE
    - Art Dubai with Dubai Canvas and Stick Together Gallery, Dubai, UAE
    - AAF Singapore with Stick Together Gallery, Singapore, SG
    - Moniker Art Fair with Stick Together Gallery, London, UK
    - BLOOOM with Stick Together Gallery, Cologne, DE
    - Aqua Art Miami with Stick Together Gallery, Miami, US

    2015 selected exhibition list:
    - Max Zorn solo show with Stick Together and Morgans Hotel Group, London, UK
    - Max Zorn solo show with m|u|c|a Gallery, Munich, DE
    - STROKE Art Fair with Stick Together Gallery, Munich, DE
    - AAF Hong Kong with Stick Together Gallery, Hong Kong, HK
    - ArtKoln with Stick Together Gallery, Cologne, DE
    - Berlin Art Week with Stick Together Gallery, DE

    2014 selected exhibition list:
    - SCOPE Miami Art Fair with Stick Together, Miami, Florida, US
    - EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL
    - Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, NL
    - ARTMUC with m|u|c|a gallery, Munich DE
    - Max Zorn solo show with Nicole Henry Fine Art gallery, Palm Beach, FL (US)
    - UNFAIR with Armory Art Week, New York City, NY (US)

    - 2013 selected exhibition list:
    - Art Monaco with private representative, Monte Carlo MC
    - Art Stage Singapore with Gallery Visionairs, Singapore SG
    - Stick Together project: Amsterdam, NL
    - Max Zorn solo show with Gallery Valleggia, Amsterdam NL
    - BLOOOM art fair with GO gallery, Cologne DE

    2012 Selected exhibition list
    - ArtBasel Hong Kong with The Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong HK
    - Crest Hardware Art Show New York City, NY (US)
    - Gala of Nations Live Ball charity with Princess Karina Foundation, Geneva CH

    Detailed Description : With a surgeon’s scalpel for a brush, Max Zorn is an artist who uses ordinary brown packing tape as his medium and a scalpel as a brush. In an impressively short timeline, Zorn continued to evolve his art into even more incredible detail while gaining an international resume spanning exhibitions from Art Basel in Hong Kong to downtown Bangkok and Dubai. Currently based in Amsterdam, Zorn has become established for his freehand craftwork and the vividness of his sepia toned creations. His ability to shape layers upon layers of tape on acrylic glass that, when illuminated from behind reveal contrasts and warmth, is simply unique. With his unmistakable way to compose cinematic settings, Zorn pulls the spectator into his motifs and encourages his audience to continue his story.


Founded in   2013
Audrey Sykes    Owner
In its first year, Stick Together sparked the creation of events around Europe by top international artists. Now Stick Together’s identity eclipses into an art gallery housing some of the most prolific and established artists in the clever niches of contemporary art. As a young and emerging gallery we are proud to recognize our involvement in these events due to our professional standards, positive participation, and authentic artist selection. For Aqua Art Miami, Stick Together brings its focus to Max Zorn tape art, and the room illuminates like a glowing dollhouse with warm light from lightbox frames in which the tape works are displayed on walls an within authentic wooden cigar holders and champagne boxes. Max Zorn exhibits fresh work inspired by scenes from a dreamy nostalgia of mood, color and timeless subjects meeting a vintage, sepia-toned surrealism. An ongoing live session of a work in progress is installed in the booth where Max Zorn creates live to show the process of the work around him.