Exhibitor listing
N/A - Jasia Szerszynska
N/A - Angela A'Court
N/A - Angela A'Court
Djinn - Philip Melling
Water Spirits 2016 - Yuko Moriyama
Eighth Encounter 1, lithograph 2010, 45 x 45 inches. -
Fine Art Consultancy London & Tokyo
Fine Art Consultancy London & Tokyo
Basement Gallery Rooms
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London, NW3 5PS
United Kingdom
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Contemporary British and Japanese Art. Modern British (20th Century) Art.

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Angela A'Court

    Angela A'Court

    Angela A'Court - N/A
    Angela A'Court - N/A
  • Philip Melling

    Philip Melling

    Philip Melling - Djinn
    Biography : Born 1972 Education Current EAL Lvl 2 in Fabrication, Welding & Engineering 2006 City and Guilds – Basic Welding Techniques (MAG) College of North West London 2003 D.A.T.A Accreditation in safe workshop practices for Hand and Power Tools, Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment 2002 BA (Hons) Silversmithing/Metalwork Camberwell College Of Arts, London 1998 Part Time Courses Attended In: Metalwork, Sculpture, Stone Carving, Life Modelling In Clay Morley College, London 1988 BTEC Diploma –Vocational Art & Design Worcester Technical College Exhibition : His public commissions are extensive and include :
    Most recently :
    2015: just installed the public art commission 'Ripple effect' at the University of Warwick.
    You can find pictures and info about the project here - http://www.philipmelling.co.uk/public-art/sculpture/ripple-effect/
    2014 ‘Windblown‘ Embassy Suites Hotel, Delaware
    October 2015 - Basilisk XIII has been selected for Saatchi Art's 'Spotlight on London' collection
    2013 ‘Loop V’
    YIYI Creation, Taipei City
    2013 ‘Smaug’
    Passmores Technology College, Harlow
    2012 ‘Tor Bridge’
    Tor Bridge High School, Plymouth
    2012 ‘Miro’
    St Lukes School, Redbourne
    2012 ‘Salt, Flood & Fire’
    Chawson, Droitwich
    2011 ‘Welcome to Nicholls Field’
    Nicholls Field, Harlow
    2010 ‘Tree of Memories’
    Treetops School, Grays
    2010 ‘POP!’
    Ninefields Community Centre, Waltham Abbey
    2010 ‘Link’
    Ranelagh School, Bracknell
    2009 ‘Learn for Life!’
    Sion Manning RC Girls School, London
    2009 ‘The Lesson’

    St Joseph The Worker Catholic Primary School, Brentwood
    2009 ‘A New Beginning’
    Elgar Technology College, Worcester
    2009 ‘Spirituality’
    St Johns C of E VC School, Epping
    2009 ‘Faith and Learning’
    St Marks School, Harlow
    2009 ‘Live the Dream!’ & ‘Game On!’
    Nicholls Field, Harlow
    2009 ‘Art to Braille’
    Great Parndon Community Association, Harlow
    2008 ‘Potter Street’
    Potter Street Primary School, Harlow
    2008 ‘Ancient Americas’
    George Abbott School, Guildford
    2008 ‘The Lion’s Roar’
    Warren School, Romford
    2008 ‘The Old Boathouse’
    Watling Street, Radlett
    2007 ‘Whirlwind’
    Integrated Support Centre, Harlow
    2007 ‘Performing Arts’
    Burnt Mill School, Harlow,
    2007 ‘Looking for Water’
    Longsands College, St Neots
    2007 ‘Media’
    The Grays Scool and Media Arts College, Grays
    2007 ‘Plume’
    Plume School, Malden
    2006 ‘Sport In Motion’
    Mark Hall Comm
    Detailed Description : Working predominantly in metals Melling creates an eclectic range of sculpture and contemporary furniture. Highly aesthetic in nature, you will find much of his work curvaceous and tactile. Showing in Miami his current collection ‘Elements’ which focuses on Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and describes the reaction when those elements meet. Developing the collection he concentrated on the process of using repetitive form of material – flat steel bar, to generate concepts and capture the movement of elemental reactions. The forms are designed appropriately for indoor display, but are perfectly suited to larger scale and outside installations for private or public spaces. Widely collected in the UK his sculptures are also held by collectors nationally and internationally. Melling states 'My practice includes producing Public Art and working with laser-cut designs, sometimes using softer materials such as wood and plastics. I also design and paint wall murals, which have transformed rundown public spaces. Often my commissions involve workshop related projects.
  • Yuko Moriyama

    Yuko Moriyama

    Yuko Moriyama - Water Spirits 2016
    Water Spirits 2016
    Biography : Born in 1964 in Japan, YM has lived in the UK since she was 20 and qualified as an architect in the 80’s at the Architectural Association and UCL in London and worked as an architect in both the UK and Japan before concentrating on her career as an artist. Over the years she has perfected her technique with graphite working exclusively on paper and often on an unbelievable large scale. Her precision and technique are quite remarkable. Moriyama is now collected throughout the UK and Japan and her work is in the collections of private museums in Japan (including a leading works on paper collection) and private collectors worldwide. Exhibition : 2010-2015
    Summer Show featuring drawing in progress by Yuko Moriyama at the Basement Gallery rooms (Fine Art Consultancy) London 29th May – July 5th 2014.
    20/21 International Art Fair, Fine Art Consultancy, London
    Cambridge Art Fair, UK
    Art Hamptons, USA
    2014 Works on Paper at the Science Museum London with Fine Art Consultancy, featuring Yuko Moriyama and Jasia Szerszynska.
    San Diego Art Fair, represented by Fine Art Consultancy.
    AAF, New York City, represented by Fine Art Consultancy.
    AAF, London, represented by Fine Art Consultancy.
    Bloomsbury Art Fair
    Tokyo Art Fair with Fine Art Consultancy.
    Solo show at Spica Art, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo with Fine Art Consultancy, London. Touring to Toride.
    October 2009
    Open Studio
    Toride Art Project
    Toride, Japan
    July 2009
    Solo Show
    ARTInfo+Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo Toride, Japan
    October 2008
    Group Show
    Fraser Taylor – Yuko Moriyama
    SPICA art
    Tokyo, Japan

    September 2008
    Solo Show
    Kyoto, Japan
    June 2006
    Fine Art Consultancy Summer Show
    Shepherd Market, London

    November 2005
    Open Studio
    Toride Art Project
    Toride city, Ibaraki, Japan

    October -December 2005, Group Show
    Station Gallery, Ueno Station, Tokyo, Japan

    October -December 2005
    Solo Show
    Polaris the Art Stage,
    Kita-kamakura, Japan
    June 2005
    Yuji Dogane & Yuko Moriyama
    Satellite Gallery, Toride Art Project 2005, Toride, Ibaraki, Japan
    July 2004
    Japanese&British Art Now, Art Planning room, Aoyama. ‘A Review’.
    November 2003 Open Studio Toride Art Project 2003, Toride, Ibaraki, Japan

    October - November 2003
    Arist in Residence / Solo show, Spica Art, Tokyo
    May 2003
    Solo show
    Art Planning Room Aoyama, Tokyo
    November 2000 - January 2001
    Solo show
    The Gallery, Swiss Cottage Central Library, London
    July – August 2001
    Artist in residence
    The Gallery, Swiss Cottage Central Library, London
    Detailed Description : Yuko describes her work with great insight ; 'Closing my eyes in a moment of quietness, I can see a waterscape in my mind. It is sometimes very dark and frightening. At other times, it is crystal clear with infinite expanse. It is my intention to express such water scenes in my work. My main works are based on graphite drawings of waterscape entitled "Water Spirits". This title "Water Spirits" was taken from a small work at an exhibition I saw at the Hayward Gallery in 1996, the Prinzhorn Collection from Germany, art works by psychiatric patients collected by Hans Prinzhorn who was a psychiatric doctor in Heidelberg at the beginning of the 20th century. There were many pencil drawings at this exhibition, and I found them very moving. These drawings were simple, yet represented images beyond consciousness. They continue to engage me and as in these works, my aim is to represent something beyond consciousness in my waterscape.'
  • Jasia Szeszynska

    Jasia Szeszynska

    Jasia Szerszynska - N/A
    Biography : Born 1955. EDUCATION Goldsmiths College London Post Graduate Course Manchester Polytechnic BA Hons WORK IN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COLLECTIONS INCLUDING: Manchester City Art Gallery, British Council Japan, Geffrye Museum, London, Courtaulds PLC, Paintings in Hospitals Art Collection, Curwen Studio Archive, Conquest Hospital Hastings, Bank of England, Galileo UK and internationally at the Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong and Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York Exhibition : SOLO and JOINT EXHIBITIONS INCLUDE:

    2005 - 2015 - Represented by Fine Art Consultancy at Art Fairs in the UK (including the British Art Fair at the RCA, and the Original Print Fair, The Royal Acaemy, London), the USA, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.
    2014 and 2015 Printworks annual show with Sally Spens at The Basement Gallery Rooms with Fine Art Consultancy
    2011 Observations ( two artists) Art and Architecture Gallery, London
    2008 British Art Now ( three artists) The Planning Room,Tokyo,Japan
    2006 Kitchen Utensils of a Spitalfields House, Box Gallery, London
    2006 Selection of the Seedprint Series, Box Gallery, London
    2005 Teaspace Two Gallery, The Tea Building, London
    2002 Gallery Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan
    1998 Essential Space, Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan
    1992 Techno UK, New Bond Street, London

    2011, 12, 13 Art Fairs in London, New York,The Hamptons, Japan and Hong Kong with Fine Art Consultancy, London & Tokyo
    2010 Contemporary Art Fair, San Diego, USA
    2010 Modern Works on Paper, Science Museum, London
    2010 The Original Gallery, London
    2009 Art London, London
    2008- 20011 20/21 International, Royal College of Art, London
    2008 Modern Works on Paper, Royal Academy, London
    2007 Bridge Art Fair, London
    2007+2008 Art London, London
    2007 Eyeplay, Bankside Gallery, London
    2007 Summertime, Cambridge Contemporary Art , Cambridge
    2007 Contemporary Printmakers II, Rostra Gallery, Bath
    2007 Modern Works on Paper, Royal Academy
    2006 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
    2006 Watercolour and Drawings Fair, Royal Academy
    2006 Original Print Gallery, Dublin
    2005 Images in the City , Geffrye Museum, London
    2005 Watercolour and Drawings Fair, Royal Academy
    2004 Drawings, Benjamin Hargreaves, Fulham, London
    2004 British Art Now, Tokyo, Japan
    2003 A Journ
    Detailed Description : Jasia says: '“My work always begins with drawing. Originally my mark making on paper was by using graphite and charcoal because of my love of the line quality that it gives. I then began experimenting with brush and ink which enabled a new boldness and simplicity. I then began to go out into the landscape with just Chinese ink and a paintbrush to create drawings. My aim was not to draw literally what I saw before me but to capture some essence of the patterns of man’s mark on the land. Studies of plant structures and plant cells were the inspiration behind the early Seedprint series of twelve screen prints. These were made using translucent ink on squares of Chinese silk paper and had titles of Seedprint, Leafprint, Stem and Magnify. The square format enabled whole sets to work together beautifully either in a grid format or side by side in a single row. The Encounter Series of nine lithographs relates to the Silk Print series with the same square format but with larger and stronger brushstrokes. Each image is not contained but goes beyond the edge and is part of something bigger. Some of the images are calm and contained and others have a tension and energy. The title Encounters comes from the experience of moving through a space whether urban or rural.”

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Alison McKenna

    Alison McKenna

    Biography : Following her BA at Central Saint Martins Art School, London in 1995 the artist lived in New York City until 2005 working in the fashion industry as a fashion stylist; working for a time at Andy Warhol's’ Interview Magazine’ in the fashion department. Following her MA at Central Saint Martins in 2005 she worked at a freelance textile designer before becoming a fulltime painter. McKenna’s eye for detail which comes from years in the fashion industry means that her carefully executed paintings are sought after by design professionals as well as private collectors. She has been featured in State Magazine January 2015, 'Dazed and Confused Magazine' and Interview Magazine since her return to painting and acknowledged as a rising star. Exhibition : Basement Gallery Rooms Summer Exhibition 2015, Fine Art Consultancy, London New York AAF, Metropolitan Pavillion, NYC. September 2015 The Other Art Fair, April 2015 London Art Fair, January 2015 The Other Art Fair, London 2014 The Others, Turin 2012 Berliner Liste 2012 Drawing Now, Paris 2012 Bear Pit, Group Show London 2011 Trajector Art Fair, Brussels 2011 South London Art Gallery 1996 Detailed Description :
    Her love of mark making and gesture on the paper or canvas and her joy at the physicality of painting and moving the paint are all apparent when you stand before an abstract painting by Alison McKenna. The artist says 'I use pencil marks to express extensions of space, weight and movement, defining the end to a painting and anointing the work with a finishing touch in graphite. For me, painting, drawing and sculpture are consecrated actions and their creation is an initiation. I consider the process of making art as magical, and that once a painting or drawing is complete I have taken myself through a process that connects me to a deeper knowledge and a purer place.'


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